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20 More Days

:D till he is finally in my arms. So glad we r finally gonna close the distance I cant wait :D so excited but nervous.


Soo my boyfriend and I were originally going to close the distance between us in 6 months with me moving over there in California. But….. we changed our mind…. we r actually closing the distance in 5 weeks :D so what we r doing now is he is coming to North Carolina and moving in with me :D of course we will return to California but maybe not till a year. Im so excited though I finally get to see him everyday and wake up next to him :Dย 

No shave November?? More like no sleep November O.O

I really hate working third shift then going back to work dying second shift it’s like my whole sleeping schedule is fucked -_-

I hate this. My sleeping schedule is fucked cuz of work. Like seriously!?! What kind of shit is this. I need sleep n I usually go to sleep after hearing his voice but I can’t call him cuz he’s sleeping at a friends :/

So in 7 months im going to move in with my boyfriend in California :D finally gonna close the distance in our relationship. I’m really excited and I can’t wait. But it just makes me sad cuz im going to leave my Parents and I won’t be able to come visit them as much because they will be on the other side of the US. My mom is supporting me n I’m glad she is I love my family but I’m in love with my boyfriend and I’m ready for this next step of our relationship :)

I’m in love with an idiot

Last night was something else… it was a little to crazy for my style.

you know what sucks… to be sexually frustrated but ALSO hungry… its like wtf seriously :/

I love my boyfriend :D he’s just the greatest. I’m so lucky I have him in my life. He means a lot to me. Plus I love it when he can make me smile no matter what. Todays convo was just great. I can’t wait till I see him.

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